Bangor to St John’s to Santa Maria

So finally an update. My apologies for the delayed posting but the amount of work that comes with flying a private airplane across the North Atlantic Ocean to four different countries is overwhelming. So far this trip has gone exceptionally well and mostly as planned. With strong turbulence between Canada and Greenland last week my flight support crew (Bill Compton and John Whitehead) and I decided that it would be best for me to head to the Azores and then up to France. Turned out the weather/winds were as forecasted and I enjoyed a strong tailwind and mostly clear skies the entire flight. Below are some of the pictures that I took along the way.

IMG_4572 [490498]

The good folks at Maine Aero Services in Bangor, Maine, helped me perform a final check of the airplane before heading North to St John’s Newfoundland. Ben Doughty (shown here driving the tug) proved to be an excellent technician and I highly recommend this shop to anyone who needs work performed on their airplane. Great job guys!

IMG_4599 [490492]

Flew between layers of clouds the entire flight to St John’s,  changing altitude several times to avoid icing.

IMG_4621 [490480]Departed from St John’s at sunrise to avoid landing in Santa Maria after dark.  While I love night flying,  the thought of ditching at night doesn’t excite me.

Ocean 1

Looks easy on paper! Click on image to enlarge.

IMG_4625 [490504]

Not like the Mint (first class) service we now offer at JetBlue, but this stuff tasted great! If you’re wondering what’s in the large bag on the right, it’s a mix of cheese and caramel corn like you can get in Chicago.

IMG_4644 [490516]