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5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Good on ya Allen…..
    “No body said it would be easy”
    If it were, anybody could do it.

    1. Thanks General! Planning to depart for Sri Lanka on Tuesday and with the light winds in the Indian Ocean, I’m anticipating a 13 hour flight. Good warmup for the Hawaii to California leg.

  2. Just heard from Adrian on HF over the eastern Pacific. He sounded good. I am flying westbound ORD to OGG, we are about 400 miles apart now I will try him again in about 30 minutes on VHF.

  3. I did get Adrian on VHF radios 2130 UTC as we were approaching HALLI and Adrian was about 70 mm west of BEKME. It was very good to speak with him for about 15 minutes. His ground speed was slower than he wanted at 135 knots. I looked at our wind matrix and thought he would see better winds late in the flight. I see as he finally is 2 hours out of Oakland he is up to 157 knots. I look forward to staying up till he is on the ground in Califorina. What a great accomplishment for Adrian and his team.

  4. Adrian,
    We had no doubt you would be successful , looks like the tough part is over, welcome back to the US. Good weather is forecast for mid week here in DC, look forward to your coming home.
    Mike G

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