Ed Smith (Old Bull) removing wing hinge pins.Ed Smith (Old Bull) removing a wing hinge pin.

33G with both wings removes for total restoration.33G with both wings removed for total restoration.  Not sure Ed was happy that he volunteered to help with this effort!  Could NEVER  have done it without him…..

Left wing in the process of restoration.


Todd Summers (Master craftsman) after a long day of riveting. Todd Sommers (master craftsman and mechanic) after another long day of riveting.  The NAVY taught him well, thanks for serving Todd!

DSC09901Long third window skins removed to install new “Four point Window” skins.

DSC09924 (1)


Removing parts form large baggage door installation. Removing parts from a salvage fuselage for the large baggage door conversion.DSC09860


IMG_4400Installing new skin to eliminate having to install patches after removal of GPS antennas and side exhaust scoop.DSC09989

IMG_5131Mooney baggage door conversion!  Just kidding, fabricating a new skin to eliminate having to install a patch after removing the old rotating beacon.

DSC06611Fabricating new belly skin.  So whats another 500 rivets anyway?

DSC06638New exhaust air vent..

Nabil doing his magic! Took the 54 year old nose bowl and made it perfect! Now this guys got real tallent!! Nabil Dawood performing magic.  He brought this 54 year old nose bowl back to better than new condition.  Now this guy’s got real talent!