Spectacular scenery over Greenland

After flying from Goose Bay, Newfoundland to Narsarsuag, Greenland, Adrian and Shinji discover expensive 100LL but no available bunks for the night, so elect to continue on to Reyjkavik, Iceland.  A cloudless sky yielded spectacular views for the flight! Adrian’s flown over this part of the world a dozen times in corporate jets, but it was always overcast before!

N1733G over Greenland. It never looked like this from a corporate jet!

2 thoughts on “Spectacular scenery over Greenland”

  1. Hi Adrian, Thanks for the talk earlier today, I can see you are approaching Fairbanks and thereby getting closer to your final destination.

    I love when people live out their dreams, we should all do that. 👌

    Next time, I would love to serve a cup of coffee if you get close to Northeast Greenland again.

    Best regards,
    Constable Point AFIS / BGCO.

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