8 thoughts on “Sri Lanka to Kuala Lumpur”

  1. Cynthia and I have been closely following your route since day one, and are cheering you on. Can’t wait to get together after your return to hear about the journey firsthand. What an adventure this must be! -Dennis

  2. Those LED strobes are so bright they light up the night sky like lightning! Hope the weather improves on the path ahead.

  3. Adrian!
    It is the most sensational, most impressive journey EVER!
    Pictures, videos, short notes- amazing! Thank you!
    It takes a real great man to do what you are so successfully doing! Thank you! You & your beautiful lady-GINA are the greatest inspiration!

  4. Nice photos; looking forward learning more about this stop after your return to the States. Ready for your next leg and where ?

    Take care and safe flying! 🚀

    1. Played the videos: you had some lightening activity and wet weather!⛈
      Glad you made it safely and call it the night

  5. Awesome! Brings back memories of flying in SriLanka from back in 1989. Blue skys and safe flying!

  6. I’ve been monitoring you from day one! Always feel better when I know you made it safely to destination. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of what you see and making us dream a little. Fly safe and I can’t wait for you to land back in the United States….!

  7. Adrian,
    The trip looks to be very interesting from Manila on. Obviously this is not the original plan. A couple of potential stops before Hawaii. ( Palau , Wake island) seem like they might be in the flight plan. You have wisely chosen very long runways. We were all talking about you at the manassas air show this past weekend, allot of people wishing you great success.
    Mike G

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