Check out Jeppesen’s new video about the trip!

This week my sponsor Jeppesen unveiled a great video about my trip as part of their ongoing generous support for this endeavor. Now that I’m two weeks into it, I can tell you that having Jeppesen charts and databases on board has helped me at every step along the way.

3 thoughts on “Check out Jeppesen’s new video about the trip!”

  1. Look forward seeing some photos over the Aegean Sea; we are cheering you on buddy! 👏👍🛩

  2. Adrian (N1) this is one of the most inspiring adventures I have ever been part of. I and all of your friends at BPT have been watching your progress. We would call each other and the first thing we would say is “Did you see where Adrian is today” ? The answer would be: “I know I have been watching him too!” No work is getting done as everyone is watching you. Your Jeppesen video is an inspiration to all of us and I am sure your dad is watching, it is a tribute to him. “Gods speed November 1”

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