16 thoughts on “Thessaloniki to Santorini”

  1. I am in awe of these and all your previous beautiful photos! Your trip has given me a glimpse of so many wonderful places, so amazing in aerial views. Thank you!! Safe travels on your world trip!!

  2. Beautiful pictures. The Aegean sea has the most spectacular Blue water. Travel safe.

  3. So beautiful, now I REALLY want to travel there! … I see a photo book of your trip in the future! Keep soaring with the angels!

  4. Amazing!! Wish I were along for the ride! Hope you enjoy Egypt and the camels 🙂

  5. Great pictures. Almost as nice as Vegas. Following your progress daily. Stay safe my friend! JC

  6. Adrian, great photos. Looks like your having a lot of fun.
    Cydney has enjoyed watching you and you’ve been the topic of he share day at school. Stay safe

    1. Cydney,
      Greetings from Aswan Egypt. The Nile river is beautiful and your Dad needs to take you to Cairo to see the Pyramids and ride a camel. The name of the camel i’m riding is Charley Brown. Study hard and say hi to your class for me!

  7. Great photos, keep flying safe, it was my pleasure meeting you at Thessaloniki.

  8. Enjoy the approach to Sri Lanka and your stay there. Great places ahead Bali. You are flying opposite direction 50T flew in 1990. Nothing like a Bonanza with Dollies.

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