15 thoughts on “Thanks to jetBlue for all your support!”

  1. Swift and safe flight buddy. Watching your flight progress from Paris.
    Bob, Diane, and Trista

    1. Thanks Bob, checked the Stinson before I left yesterday – all good. Sure hope I’m back before your historic flight to reunite her with Aeromexico!

  2. You’re in my old home town. Make sure you visit George Street and Signal Hill where the first wireless signal was received. Good luck and my thoughts are with you.

    Craig Furlong

  3. Adrian, we’re all rooting for you in BOS. I am posting your progress on the info screen in operations.

  4. What an ambitious trip. Looks like right from the start a re-route to avoid the North Atlantic? Direct Azores and then France! Nice to have that kind of range and enjoying following this adventure…thanks!

  5. So glad to see on your website that you finally began this wonderful journey; we got back in the States last night and immediately wanted to know your status. Your website is awesome – thank you for sharing your journey!
    HR and Sue

  6. Congrats on reaching France. What an amazing accomplishment. Kathi and I are following your every move! Fly safe!

    John & Kathi

  7. So, quite a deviation from the original plan. Straight to the Azores, bold move. Flight looks great so far, why so long in France ?
    Mike G

  8. What a great trip,have safe flight,will be following you,make lots of photos,enjoy enjoy.


  9. Outstanding!! Godspeed Adrian! I’m enjoying your adventure vicariously if you don’t mind. 😉

  10. I’ve been following you for the past few days. What a great adventure. Be safe, Barry

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