Fellow pilots, friends and to anyone who is simply interested in following this adventure – WELCOME!  As the weather across the North Atlantic continues to improve, it looks like my flight may start as early as Sunday or Monday.  If you click on the “Current Aircraft Location”  tab on the menu bar, you will be taken to the “Spidertracks” page that will show the current location of the aircraft.  When I’m flying it will also show aircraft speed, altitude and heading.  Simply amazing isn’t it!

Send off picture with the Breitling Jet Team and Jim DiMatteo (left front) at the Sun ‘n Fun International Fly In and Expo.  What an honor – a true example of the “Fellowship of Airman” we all share.  If you look closely, I’m wearing the new Breitling Emergency watch that was loaned to me for my RTW flight.  At some point after I return, this watch will be offered at auction,  the proceeds to benefit an aviation related  foundation.

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62 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Awesome pilot, awesome airplane, awesome flight! Godspeed!!
    All the best,

    1. Andy, thank you! I don’t think it can get much better than this! Look forward to helping you with finding that perfect Baron.
      Fly safely!

  2. Go big or go home! If anyone can do this with gusto it’s you. I’ll be thinking of you. Fly safe and have fun!

  3. Wishing you all the best on your exciting journey! We’ll be following you around the world online!

    1. Brian, Cathy – miss you guys already! My ipod has all of the your music on it buddy!

  4. Safe Travels my friend!

    Living vicariously through you once again!!

    Ralph and Myla

  5. Hey Adrian, glad to see 33G is back up in the air. Epic project! Good luck with the trip. Hope to catch up soon.

  6. Slow and steady wins the race, and with that airplane, you don’t have much choice…


    See you on the other side!


    1. Now Jeb be nice – and remember V tails still rule!! Have you left for AirVenture yet? With a little luck (and a 50 KT tailwind) you may make it before July! Best to you my friend!

  7. Yo, Adrian! Have a excellent and safe journey, my friend! Fly with ya when you get back!!

    1. You got it! By the time I get back, I think I’ll be glad to get back in an airplane with two engines, multiple hydraulic and electrical systems and another pilot!!! Fly safely, and keep living the dream Tom!

  8. Hi Alan, such an awesome adventure you are taking! Safe travels and have a blast!

    1. Thank you Keri, I think Mom, Dad and Debbie would be proud. Well maybe not Mom! All the best to you and the girls!!

  9. Have a great and safe trip my friend. Most people can only dream about the things that you have done in your lifetime and this trip tops it all!!! All off us at home wish you all the best, can’t wait to see you when you get home.

    1. Thanks Buddy! Really looking forward to this years Autofest and doing nothing more than admiring the cars and drinking some good Frankenmuth beer with our classmates. And taking a ride on the Twingle……

    1. Absolutely, my honor John! Keep up the great work with preserving the history of those who died fighting for our freedom. Allons!

  10. Ice Berg, Ice Chip and I wish save journeys.
    You have been a huge inspiration to all of us.

    1. Thanks Rick. And you guys inspire me as you and the boys are all AVIATORS! Not a lot of Dads can brag about that, quite the accomplishment my friend. Fly safely and stay above blueline!

  11. To: Al

    Safe travels! You’ve got this!

    From: Navy mom, Martha Schiefer Valasek

    1. You got it buddy! Will be nice to get back and fly with two engines, lots of backup stuff and on a route that someone out planned. Not to forget, and a good crew! Now stop what you are doing and go give the puppies a treat! Unless you’re at FL370.

  12. Elmo, knew you would accomplish this as soon as you told me about the trip. You have always done what you say you will do. Looking foreword to having a brew when you get back to Muth. Thanks for sharing this great adventure. Fly on!

    1. Roget that, and we can reminisce about our days at Tech or as far back as the late 60’s when we were tearing up the neighborhood on our minibikes. Lots of great memories buddy!

  13. Adrian, my very best wishes for a safe and enjoyable journey. It takes someone special to dream about such trips, someone even more special to begin the detailed planning, and a real professional to execute the plan. You fit the bill.


    1. Fred, great to hear from you, its been far too long! Wish we were flying your turbine Bonanza around together but at 140 KTS I’ll have more time to see things! Fly safely my friend!

  14. Here is to safe travels and awesome adventures along the route. Thanks for taking K9 Wings along. I am highlighting you on my website and will be following and blogging with many others to support you along the way. Looking forward to hearing some amazing stories. WOW! So Exciting!

    1. Morgance – The K9 Wings blanket has already proved to be pricesless. At 11,500 feet it was 3 degrees and the heater in the Bonanza barely works. And with about 10 to 15 hours of flying the North Atlantic ahead, it will be used again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  15. Hi Adrian ! The Poodles and I watched the video of you and the beautiful “Gina” departing on your excellent adventure. What a lovely sight. Wishing you safe travels and lots of fun! Add Ace and Jolie to Service Dog followers.

  16. Hi Adrian –

    Wishing you all success for a safe and rewarding flight!

    Thank you for reminding the world just how relevant, capable, and beautiful the Model 35 Bonanza is.

    Fair winds.

  17. It’s great fun watching you on this magnificent flight! The farthest I ever got was from Southern California to PEI and most of my friends find that amazing, but yours is a truly grand adventure. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Your plane’s a beauty and must fly incredibly well with all the mods you and your team made. I wish you all the best for a safe and rewarding experience.

  18. Blue skies and following winds Adrian. It was a real treat watching you get airborne from HEF!!! Will be watching and pulling for you…!

  19. Michele and I are following your track with cheers and prayers!
    Blue skies!

  20. Good luck with your adventure .

    Great catching up at Sun n Fun.

    Marj and I be watching you on your journey.

  21. Looks like a great decision changing route via the Azores. You’re a pro! “Captain America”!

  22. Hey Adrian, I’m finally catching up with your progress. Can you believe you’re finally on your way? It looks amazing, and I’m loving what you’re doing. Keep going strong and know that you’ve got a lot of people supporting you with love, prayers, well wishes, fair weather dances, and a good luck stone that I am rubbing smooth for you! 🙂
    Be safe and have fun, my friend,

  23. See you back in Base Ops, when you’re “On Deck”…. I’ll be asking “How’s the Prop?”. Give Dolly a rest now and then, she’s not as young as she used to be.

  24. Looking good buddy! Enjoying watching your safe travels and glad you made it across the Atlantic. Crossed it many times (from the Carrier that is!) Looking forward to some great pictures of the adventure! Go Navy

  25. Adrian, you have always been an inspiration to me with your restoration of your perfect P model. But now with this adventure, WOW! Godspeed, my friend.

  26. Adrian,
    After seeing all the time and effort that you put into this trip I am so glad that your dreams came true! I look forward to flying with you again soon buddy! Be safe!


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