aloha from Hawaii


L1010642Take off from Majuro and the beginning of the 2000 mile flight to Honolulu, Hawaii.


MASSA is the intersection on the airway between Majuro and Honolulu that marks crossing the International Date Line (thin green line).




Aerial view of Johnston Atoll.  In 2003 this former military base was completely deserted and only a few structures remain intact.


For nearly 70 years, Johnston Atoll was under the control of the American military and during that time it was used as a naval refueling depot, an airbase for nuclear and biological weapons testing, for space recovery, as a secret missile base and as a chemical weapon and Agent Orange storage and disposal site.




The large white building is the former Joint Operations Center.


Aerial view of Sand Island and the former U.S. Coast Guard LORAN Station.


This is the site where a Nuclear-armed Thor missile exploded and burned during the failed “Bluegill Prime” nuclear test on July 25, 1962.


During WWII Johnston Atoll was used as a refueling base for submarines, and also as an aircraft refueling stop for American bombers transiting the Pacific Ocean, including the Boeing B-29 Enola Gay.


The point just forward my left tip tank is where the Base Commander’s house was located.


This is a picture of the Base Commanders house as it was in 1991, and it’s also where I celebrated my 36th birthday.  From 1989 to 1992, I was assigned to the Defense Nuclear Agency as the Military Construction Program Manager for all the construction activities on Johnston Atoll.  This overflight was a real trip down memory lane.




I enjoyed a beautiful sunset and good weather for the remaining four-hour flight to Hawaii.  Total flight time was just over fifteen hours and it was completed without a functioning autopilot.  Tentatively planning to fly to the mainland on Thursday or Friday, depending on the weather and autopilot repair.

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  2. Adrian my Friend…………Thinking of you and Praying for a safe Flight on the Home Run…………..See you at Long Beach !!

    1. Adrian, could you possibly let us know a departure date/time HNL and possible ETA and which airport in LAX Basin you plan to be arriving at. We will be sending my brother Dwight Blackshear ( ex MC F4 pilot and AOPA/EAA member
      ) to welcome you on behalf of EAA Malaysia……..

      1. Capt Siva, thanks but at this time I’m not sure on the date and if I’m going to Northern CA, or Southern CA. As soon as I come up with a plan I’ll let you know. Fly safely my friend.

      2. Silva, call Solcal F-16 or F-18 to wait the Aviator !!!!and folow them …..

  3. Great Job Adrian – looking good, we’re enjoying the trip via pics and SpiderTracks -Whelen Aviation Sales Team

  4. Been with you every step of the way Al. What an incredible adventure. Safe travels on the home stretch.

  5. Aloha Allen, Rio and I are watching your travels and had to say hello while in Hawaii !!

  6. Adrian

    Thanks for the history lesson on Johnston Atoll. Best wishes for a safe return.

  7. My girls and I have been following your trip! My 8 year old wants to know if you felt the day change when you crossed the date line!

  8. Watching and vicariously enjoying your adventure of a lifetime, my friend. It will be good to see you home this week. Love the spectacular photos.

  9. Glad to see that you are in Hawaii. What a place to be at for a few days. Have a couple Kona beers for me. Are you at the Hilton Hawaiian Village? Keep us posted when your leaving and I’ll be following you on flightaware. Great photos and what a history lesson!!!! Safe Travels My Friend!!!!

  10. So cool to see you revisit an old haunt…a bit off the beaten path! Enjoy the rest of the flight my friend!

  11. Great pictures and mini ” I was there” history lesson. Yea. V- tail.

  12. Adrian
    Great photo narrative; Nice to get back an extra day! Almost home – ☀️🛩🌈

  13. Just watched the last 5 stops. The Johnston Atoll story was amazing. Where in the world haven’t you been?!!
    Safe journey out of Hawaii & to home.

  14. Good luck on AP repair. AP is a must on the long. I had luxury of co-pilot. God speed on this last and longest leg.

  15. Great Job Adrian. Sorry I missed your post earlier on the freight dog. Brought a smile to my face. Can’t wait to fly with you and hear about your adventures.

  16. What a great journey, and an inspiration to aviators throughout the world… Do they make Dolly Parton tanks for Cardinal RGs?.

  17. God! This is so great! So inspiring!
    Thank you, Adrian! You are the International Hero!
    It would be wonderful, if only every country in the world could have its brilliant Adrian Eichhorn and his strong, beautiful Lady-Gina.
    Amazing! This is the one of a kind, powerful example of courage and knowledge for many of us right now and so many generations in the future.
    Hugs from twelve countries!

  18. What great photos and narrative. Can’t wait to see you back at HEF and the stories first hand. Be safe buddy.

  19. Dear Adrian,I have really enjoyed following your journey via John Whitehead’s updates on our [email protected] site, Spidertracks, Flightaware and flybluehorizons. The pictures and comments are wonderful. Despite some glitches and the cherry on top of sitting an hour waiting for USCBP in HNL after such a long leg, you’re almost home. What an accomplishmen!. We Bonanza owners very proud of you and Gina! John Roney

  20. Adrian,
    Great updates and insightful. never would have known about Johnston Atoll.
    safe travels.

  21. Adrian, I’ve been monitoring your posts and wish you safe flights for the remainder of your fantastic journey. Your recent Westpac pics bring back many memories. I spent two years in Saipan and Guam as a USCG dependent 52-54. My father spent a year tour as a USCG Chief on a LORAN station on Cataduanes PI. My grandfather was an Army artilleryman and did a tour in HI at Fort Kamehameha….just across the bay from you now where by the way Army Lt Harold Geiger headed up the first Army aviation unit in HI in July 1913. Safe flight.. Semper Fi Chris Stoops (Gunrunner14)

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