Air Service Hawaii – on the wings of aloha!


I want to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to the great folks at Air Service Hawaii (Honolulu) for the outstanding customer service they provided me this past week.  Not only did they assist me in meeting all the flight requirements to return to the United States, but they provided me hangar space to perform the needed autopilot repairs.  Due to their incredible support, I am now ready to begin my next , and the longest flight to the mainland today.  To the staff at Air Service Hawaii, it was my privilege and pleasure meeting all of you!  From left to right; Jan Bodinus, Shaen Tarter,  Lynn Akina. Becci Goin.


9 thoughts on “Air Service Hawaii – on the wings of aloha!”

  1. Congrats. Al on that very long leg. Feet dry all the way home from Oakland.

    Art Hutchison

  2. Allen
    Thanks for the pics of Johnson isle.
    Good tri p. Keep it going. We are in
    Cork Ireland now. Home Thurs.

  3. Congrats. Al on the last long over water leg. Feet dry now all the way home.. You’re an inspiration.

  4. While I know you have had so many people watching and praying for you on this incredible journey, I know that you made it through all of the challenging solo hours because your Mom, Dad and sister were angels that were flying right there with you. They would all be so proud of you! Safe travels…will catch up with you in Virginia.

  5. I was getting a bit worried when I saw your G/S down to 125 knots from Hawaii to California but figured you knew when the winds would improve. You did.
    What an achievement! Beautifully planned with flexibility. Beautifully executed!
    See you in Manassas!

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