Hawaii to California to Nevada


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Pat, from Eastwest Avionics, assisted me with troubleshooting the autopilot problem. Thank you Pat!




Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America cruise ship returning to port.


Waikiki Beach in Honolulu.


Oahu’s Diamond Head is Hawaii’s most recognized landmark.




Oahu’s Hanauma Bay State Park.


My view of the Pacific for the remaining 10-hours of daylight.  Solid undercast clouds and clear blue skies provided a perfect day to fly, despite the constant headlwind for over 13-hours.


Note to Dr. James Koch: didn’t get a chance to tell you before I departed that your patch would be traveling around the world with me.


Another beautiful sunset off my left wing.


Full moon rising off my right wing.


While taking a short tour of the San Francisco Bay, I couldn’t help but notice the traffic at the Bay Bridge toll booths.


Alcatraz Island – is home to the first lighthouse and US build fort on the West Coast and is the infamous former federal penitentiary.


The Golden Gate Bridge.


Snow in the Sierra Mountians.


South Lake Tahoe in Sierra Nevada.


Heavenly Mountain ski resort in South Lake Tahoe.


Descending to Minden, Nevada where I will leave 33G with my good friend Dave Monti, while I return home to fly with JetBlue.  The remainder of my journey will resume on or about 7 June when I’ll be traveling back to Minden to fly Gina home to Virginia.



5 thoughts on “Hawaii to California to Nevada”

  1. VERY impressive! Looks like you made it without a hitch and in grand style. Quite the adventure, Adrian!

  2. What an achievement Al !!! Very few people have gone around the world and took in the sites that you did. Thanks for all of the good pictures and sharing your journey with all of us. A job well done My Friend!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the pictures, such a wonderful trip so far. I see daylight at the end of the tunnel. See you in Oshkosh buddy!
    I’m sure you will never get sick of talking about this voyage. So proud of you Adrian for what you have accomplished.

    1. Thank you Mark!
      Please give my best to Pam and all the great folks at Airparts! See you at AirVenture! – Adrian

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