Germany to Greece


Susan Parson, FAA — this one’s for you and all the fine folks within the FAA organization that make the FAA Safety Briefing a reality.  Christos Gr, Papazafiriou,  age 86, is the oldest active pilot in Greece.



Bavarian Alps near the Eagles Nest in Germany




DSCN8110 [420980]

Mountain top near Bosnia

DSCN8108 [420985]

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Can you find the tourist in this picture?

IMG_4818 [513832]

Dinner in Thessaloniki, Greece – Tom Haines (Senior Vice President, Media and Outreach, AOPA), Anton Koutsoudakis (President, AOPA Greece), Adrian Eichhorn, Bill Costa (President, Aero Club Thessaloniki).


Just a few miles from home!!

IMG_4805 [518016]

A passerby carrying the Olympic Torch.



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  1. This is just…AMAZING! AMAZING!…well…WOW!
    More pictures, please! Possible?
    The Whole World and… Between Capitals are watching!
    Thank you, Adrian! The most warmest wishes. Millions of them!

  2. Great Pictures Adrian!!! After this adventure it will be back to the dull hum drum of the Airbus. Thanks for sharing your adventure. Safe travels Friend!!

  3. Such amazing pictures, keep sharing them, it is great to be able to follow this adventure.

  4. Al: Great photos of the mountains. The one picture with the little cross in it. Is that Hitlers “eagles nest”?
    You continue to be in our prayers. It has been fun to follow your adventure. BZ

  5. Adrian,

    You are officially part of my morning routine here on the Atlantic Coast of the USA. Every morning I get my coffee and play “Where is Adrian?”.

  6. The pictures are awesome!
    Every morning, Michele and I get up and ask, “Where’s Adrian?”. It’s reminiscent of “Where’s Waldo?”, but far more exciting…..!
    Fly safe, my friend!
    All the best,

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